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Annual Report 2022

For a deep dive into our activities, business model and most recent yearly results, discover the interactive pdf of our annual report 2022. Here you can discover all stories and download all documents.

Annual report 2022

Unique & Exciting

House of HR is a fast-growing boutique multinational with a fierce entrepreneurial spirit. Our group is very well positioned to implement its growth strategy based on its entrepreneurial model: developing a double service offering of Specialized Talent Solutions and Engineering & Consulting in all major European markets, while giving company founders and management the opportunity to keep a significant share in each brand’s future growth and success.


We zig where others zag

Being active in both Engineering & Consulting and Specialized Talent Solutions explains a big part of House of HR’s profitability model. Both segments support and challenge but also balance each other. 


Our decentralized model allows for very fast decision making at the level of each PowerHouse, Boutique and even branch. Specialization on specific segments and diversification in different industries have made us a specialist in certain areas with niche knowledge and experience which adds to our resilience.


We call ourselves and our more than 5.000 internal colleagues Happy Rebels. It is our most loved and precious value of all. It defines us as people who work with passion, day in and out. We believe work gives meaning, joy, fulfilment and self-esteem. At House of HR, we worship work, as it makes all of us happy. We are also rebels in that sense that we stimulate our people to always actively participate, with an open but also critical mindset, dare to challenge and go in debate to come to the best solutions. In short: we like what we do...we do what we like.


We always invest in countries which have a stable economy, good salary levels, low unemployment rates and good temporary employment regimes. Our main markets are Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany and France. Some of our companies have offices in other European countries such as Luxemburg, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Poland...


Finally we are frontrunners in the ongoing digitalization in HR. Digital innovations go hand-in-hand with the human touch: we believe the future is ‘phygital’.

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