Dutch Cohedron is the market leading group of full service providers for the public sector in the Netherlands. The offer consists of outsourcing processes, secondment of qualified specialists and consultancy. The Cohedron group of brands employs more than 2.000 people, operating through eight different Boutiques, all over the country.

Cohedron is a PowerHouse of House of HR.

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Public authorities, such as governments and municipalities, often are in need of specialized support for their daily businesses and processes. This is exactly where Cohedron comes in the game. The group consists of several specialities and comprises a series of strong Boutiques: Wyzer, Vanberkel Professionals, Future Communication, Human Capital Group, Argonaut, Zorg-Lokaal, Plangroep, Sqiq and Plangroep Financiële Services. They all operate under the ambitious auspices of the holding Cohedron.

With more than 2.000 professionals and over 30 years of experience, Cohedron supports and advises public authorities, non-profit organizations and companies. It offers outsourcing of processes, secondment of qualified specialists (both in the public sector), as well as consultancy to organizations and public authorities. Cohedron is a full-service provider for municipalities, in areas such as debt relief and spatial and social fields. For organizations, Cohedron acts as a partner in HR, communication, administration and finance.

In 2021, Cohedron realized a turnover of about 183,4 million euros, with an EBITDA of about 27 million euros. Its group headquarters are located in Utrecht.

The number of brands may be high, yet there is one particular element that binds them all together: the drive to create meaningful impact. Cohedron wants to do so on the lives and successes of people, organizations, companies and the society as a whole. In all it does, Cohedron remains results-focused, starting from the substance.

At the center of all Cohedron’s activities, are people: people working for Cohedron, and people Cohedron works for. The group tries to achieve results for them, relying on its 30 years of experience, in an open-minded, flexible and expert manner, with a keen eye for all stakeholders involved.