Our dream

House of HR has an explicit dream which we have outlined in our Purpose, Mission and Vision Statement.

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We Change Lives

In a world that is constantly changing, pressure on life and work is high. One life, one job, one employer? Think again! Today, people strive to find a perfect balance between work and life. Their demands are evolving.


The Covid pandemic has taught us to think differently about the way we work. More than ever, we are truly convinced that working should be a source of happiness and self-fulfilment. If you like your work, it never feels like you are really working.


House of HR is here to help shape this new way of working, by connecting people to opportunities and coaching them during their lifelong career paths, no matter where they live, who they are, what their skills and dreams are. House of HR is here to change lives.

Talent is not limited to qualifications nor experience, rather it is a quality one is inherently born-with and which we all develop organically and constantly. It knows no bounds and, like curiosity, has an insatiable appetite. All of us have the power to flex our talent as change and new opportunities demand it. We at HOHR see this as both a reality and an opportunity and our efforts and resources are primed to nourish this wonderfully-organic boundless talent in all its powerful forms.


Connecting this boundless talent to limitless opportunities is what we do. It runs through our DNA. The spirit that drives us comes from our coalition of entrepreneurs; bringing together a collective of truly exceptional high-performance houses, each of them a specialist in connecting talent to employers to create a world of boundless talent. We too know no bounds, unlocking growth by connecting businesses with the most resilient and resourceful talent. As a democratic collective, our purpose is not solely engineered for the benefit of shareholder return. Instead, we share a unique House of HR purpose committed to benefitting all.