About House of HR

House of HR continuously redefines the world of human resources management according to the needs and opportunities that arise across geographic and disciplinary boundaries.

House of HR offers a wide range of HR solutions, with business units in temping recruitment with an absolute focus on temp to perm (Accent Jobs & Zaquensis), outsourcing of qualified engineers (Abylsen & Continu), international temporary staffing (Covebo), payrolling (Accent Payroll), secondment of technical profiles (Logi-technic), professional staffing and training and HR consultancy (Peak6).

House of HR has offices in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Poland, Portugal, Switzerland and Romania – with concrete expansion plans across Europe.

House of HR has approximately 1,600 in-house employees and will achieve a sales turnover of over one billion euro by the end of 2016.


Changing people's lives, one job at a time ...

Jérôme Caille - CEO - House of HR

Our Group is a fast-growing pocket multinational with a fierce entrepreneurial spirit in the field of specialist recruitment and engineering consulting, connecting people’s talents and dreams with successful companies.

Founded by Conny Vandendriessche and Philip Cracco in 1995, in Roeselare (Flanders, Belgium), Accent Jobs has secured an unparalleled growth for 20 years, with results way above those of the rest of the staffing market, thanks to an original business concept of temp to perm, combining the quality of an executive search firm with the flexibility of temporary contracts.

Accent Jobs strongly believes in the human agility of small teams, thus developing a national network of more than 250 offices, with a focus on sector and skills specialization. A few examples of our excellent performance? A 60% market share in the construction sector and a 20% market share in the SME market.

Since 2015, based on a renewed top performance on the Belgian market, our group has accelerated its development both internationally and service-wise, joining forces with Abylsen in March 2015, a young and top-performing engineering consulting company operating with more than 1,000 engineers in France, Belgium and Switzerland.

In June 2015, we partnered with Covebo, a Dutch staffing company, that has recorded high growth since its recent creation thanks to the sourcing of its 3,000 skilled workers in Poland.

More recently, we welcomed our third partner, Continu, a Dutch engineering consulting company managing more than 750 engineers and helping industrial and construction companies achieve top-notch results.

Today our group is very well positioned to implement its growth strategy based on its entrepreneurial model: developing a double service offering of specialist staffing and engineering consulting in all major European markets, while giving company founders and management the opportunity to keep a significant share in each brand’s future growth and success.

We are now jointly working on the creation of a €1 billion company by 2018 with the aim and determination of making an impact on the future of work and HR services, combining the convenience and speed of technology with the warmth and talent of human contribution.

Together we are stronger and we can change people’s lives, one job at a time, because... we love what we do!

The best is yet to come!


Abylsen outsources highly qualified engineers and boasts extensive expertise in technology engineering for total-transformation projects across Europe.

Turnover in 2015: €76 million
In-house employees: 88
Branches: 16

Accent Jobs is a recruitment expert with an absolute focus on temp to perm in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Turnover in 2015: €393 million
In-house employees: 720
Branches: 273

Continu is a leading organisation that focuses on secondment and recruitment of staff for construction and industry in the Netherlands.

Turnover in 2015: €42 million
In-house employees: 100
Branches: 9

Covebo is a leading organisation in international employment services for construction, engineering, (food) manufacturing, logistics and facilities services in the Netherlands, Germany and Poland.

Turnover in 2015: €120 million
In-house employees: 289
Branches: 28

Logi-technic is our Belgian partner for the outsourcing of technical employees in industry, infrastructure, construction, ICT and facility management.

Turnover in 2015: €34 million
In-house employees: 51
Branches: 6

Peak6 is a Belgian ‘one-stop shop’ specialized in professional staffing, training and HR consultancy.

Turnover in 2015: €7 million
In-house employees: 13
Branches: 3

tec Alliance provides expertise for various engineering projects, as well as expert inspections within the industry, construction and telecom sectors and ICT in the BeNeLux and Switzerland.

Turnover in 2015: €70 million
In-house employees: 90
Branches: 15

Timepartners offers an integrated services platform with custom-fit and flexible staffing solutions in Germany: temporary staffing, personnel placement and provision of temporary workers and on-site-management.

Turnover in 2015: €260 million
In-house employees: 370
Branches: 120

Zaquensis is a German employment agency with staffing solutions in six areas: technical, medical, office & finance, industry, gastronomy and service.

Turnover in 2015: €92 million
In-house employees: 271
Branches: 61

Board members

Since its creation in 1995 the group has relied on a strong financial support. Since 2012, Naxicap partners is our solid financial partner.
They can count on our strong strategic team of board members.

Eric AveillanCEO - Naxicap
Conny VandendriesscheFounder and share holder - House of HR
François-Xavier BellonIndependant board member - House of HR
Jérôme CailleCEO - House of HR
Andres CanoCFO - House of HR
Aurelien DorkelDirector - Naxicap
Philippe MarcelIndependant board member - House of HR
Paul ThiersIndependant board member - House of HR
Rika CoppensIndependant Director & Chair Audit Committee - House of HR

Corporate board of directors

Andres CanoGroup CFO
Jérôme CailleGroup CEO
Wilbert IngelsGroup CIO
Lieven Van NieuwenhuyzeGroup CMO
Abdel BencheikhGroup head of risk & internal audit
Thomas MartensHead of Legal Group
Thomas WautersInternational Recruitment Director

Management team

Nolwenn AhodiHR Manager
Dan BlochCEO
Yoan DuquesnoyDirector Development Belgium
Edouard FievetDevelopment Director South
Christine MageCFO
Florian MassauxDirector Belgium - Sigma - Gamma - Phi
Simon NettersheimDirector Sigma Agency
Pascal PanekDirector Development ST/RA
Jean-Luc WeberDirector East - Luxemburg - Gmbh
Lien ByttebierHR Manager
Nico VandecaveyeCEO - Accent
Saar DemeyerManagement Assistant
Lindsay DemuynckGeneral Manager Blue
Lesley LeynGeneral Manager White
Silvia PauliGeneral Manager Construct
Alexis RemacleGeneral Manager Brussels & Wallonia
Wilbert IngelsCIO
Diederik SohierCFO
Lieven Van NieuwenhuyzeCMO
Katrien Van EsserSocial law / Compliance Manager
Jeroen de BruijnCEO
Frank HaagedoornDirector
Jasper in ‘t VeldOperational Director West
Jan-Willem PetersOperational Director South-East
Ramses PeppinckMarketing Director
Seth WinterscheidtCFO
Gert BouwFounder
Henk BuitinkCEO
Ronald RuiterDirector Sales, Marketing & Recruitment
Dave SmuldersCommercial Director
John van de VeenFounder
Martijn van den DungenCFO
Karel StaelensManaging Director
Anton PauwelsBusiness Unit Director ICT
Koen VerryckenHR Manager
Carol GeensManaging Director
Caroline RolleHR Development Manager
Tobias DesomerSales Manager IT Recruitment
Frank Van LaerCEO tec Alliance
Jan GhysCEO tecICT
Karel StaelensManaging director Logi-technic
Herman De KeukeleireCOO tecICT
Bavo SpreuwersDirector tec Oil & Gaz
Diederik SohierCFO
Katrien Van EsserLegal & Compliance
Eva ZobellMarketing Manager
Sven KilianCEO
Thorsten DrosteCFO
Ulla WitteDirector North-West
Clemens KrögerDirector North-East
Thomas DickDirector Middle-West
Claudia AnzenbergerDirector South
Frank KleinerDirector HighProfessionals
Gerrit WernerDirector Engineering
Roger LothmannCEO
Lars AckmannCFO
Claudia SchmalerGeneral Manager Personalservice
Nicole WillmsMarketing & Assistant Manager


House of HR to Acquire TimePartner

Brussels, October 10, 2016

House of HR today announced a definitive agreement to acquire the general staffing business of TimePartner, a Hamburg-based specialized recruitment firm, with a national network of 120 offices in Germany. With 2015 year-end run-rate revenues of €260 million, approximately 370 employees, the business is a leading player in the German market, serving several high-value segments, with more than 7,500 people working on a daily basis. TimePartner’s core service lines complement House of HR’s existing specialty services portfolio and multi brand strategy.

“House of HR has a strong entrepreneurial spirit that fits with our culture and our ambition”, said CEO Sven Kilian. “TimePartner’s business has come a long way with a successful growth story in the last three years. Today it is fundamentally strong and well positioned to join House of HR and take this next step in the company’s evolution. The company’s progress and recent success is a testament to its strong leadership team and dedicated employees. We are proud of everything TimePartner has accomplished under our management.”

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House of HR joins forces with Human Capital Group

Roeselare/Antwerp, September 8, 2016

House of HR is joining forces with Antwerp-based Human Capital Group. This alliance will enable House of HR to offer a larger, more international network of experts in engineering consulting. This collaboration is part of the House of HR growth strategy and is a next step in the company’s strategy to strengthen its presence in the premium segment of the HR market in Europe, following its alliance with the German specialized recruitment agency Zaquensis in May 2016.

Human Capital Group, founded in 1991 by Marc Rummens, provides expertise for various engineering projects, as well as expert inspections within the industry, construction and telecom sectors and ICT. Human Capital Group employs more than 500 engineers and highly qualified technicians. Turnover was in excess of €70 million in 2015.

As a result of this partnership, House of HR will further increase its presence in Belgium, where it currently operates with its fast-growing Accent Jobs and Logi-technic brands. Logi-technic and the HCG companies will merge to create a new company named tec Alliance, a national leader in engineering and technical outsourcing.

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House of HR enters into a strategic alliance with the German Zaquensis

Roeselare, March 28, 2016

House of HR joins forces with the German employment agency ZAQUENSIS, which has been active in HR since 1999 and currently has a network of 61 offices in Germany. This alliance will help the House of HR to develop their Specialist Recruitment and Engineering Consulting businesses in Germany. It is the next step in a growth strategy to strengthen its European growth following the 2015 acquisitions of the Dutch Covebo and Continu companies and the French Abylsen.

Zaquensis, a strong partner for House of HR

Roger Lothmann, Zaquensis CEO and Founder: “Becoming a part of an international group is important for Zaquensis in order to grow and to secure our position in a highly competitive market. We´ve never been in a stronger position than today and we want to open up new business fields. Therefore, we are happy to have found a partner with the same DNA. We´ve known each other for a long time and we are convinced that this partnership will be successful and fruitful for both companies.” Zaquensis will remain active under the name ‘Zaquensis’. Its management will also continue to lead the German agencies as general managers and associates. Zaquensis plans to open 100 new offices in Germany by 2018.

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House of HR and Continu enter into a strategic alliance for further growth in the Dutch market

Roeselare, September 22, 2015

House of HR, the umbrella HR group that is active throughout the entire landscape of Specialist Recruitment and Engineering Consulting with such brands as Accent Jobs, Covebo, Abylsen, Logi-technic and Peak6, is joining forces with the Dutch company, Continu. This ensures The House of HR will be able to strengthen its position in the Dutch market after the strategic alliance with the Dutch company, Covebo, in June.

Consolidation of the dual footprint

“We welcome Continu with its inspiring Leader Jeroen de Bruijn and his very entrepreneurial team. We are proud to join forces with Continu that will further strengthen our position in the Netherlands with more than 800 engineers in place. With this alliance we are consolidating our dual footprint in this strategic market. We are committed to develop both our Specialist Recruitment and Engineering Consulting businesses in The Netherlands with an absolute focus on quality of service and superior career opportunities for our people.", explains Jérôme Caille, CEO of House of HR.

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The House of HR and Covebo join forces

Roeselare, June 24, 2015

House of HR, the umbrella HR group that spans the entire HR solution landscape with brands like Accent Jobs, Logi-Technic, and Peak6, is acquiring Dutch company Covebo through its majority shareholder NAXICAP Partners. The acquisition marks a significant expansion of the group’s activities on the Dutch market and demonstrates the joint ambition of The House of HR and Covebo to become one of the top ten national players in the Netherlands.

Entrepreneurship and fast growth

“As one of the major players on the HR market, The House of HR strongly focuses on international growth. The alliance with French company Abylsen earlier this year was a first step in that direction. In the Netherlands, we were already operating since 2006 through a network of 16 Accent Jobs offices. By joining forces with Covebo, we’ll now be able to serve every Dutch region. This will also allow us to expand our international presence with offices in Poland and Germany. Finally, both companies possess a strong sense of entrepreneurship, which is reflected in their fast growth over the last few years”, Jérôme Caille, The House of HR CEO, explains.

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House of HR joins forces with Abylsen

Roeselare, March 26, 2015

Accent, the HR-group active in the full range of HR-solutions with brands such as Accent Jobs, Logi-Technic and Peak6 is taking over French company Abylsen via its majority shareholder, NAXICAP Partners. With this acquisition Accent expands its international activities and gains extensive expertise in the field of technology engineering.

House of HR seeks international growth.

“Our objective is to create a group with fast-growing, specialised and enterprising companies and to be a full-service HR partner. With Abylsen's takeover we’re not only adding huge expertise in terms of technology engineering to our professional service offer, but we’re also expanding our international presence as an HR service partner to France, Switzerland, Germany and Luxembourg”, says Jérôme Caille, CEO of Accent.

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