Happy Rebels get more than a job: they get a life where working is fun, with plenty of room to rise and shine. If your work is your passion, you never feel like working.

Rika Coppens
CEO House of HR

Happy rebels are

...Passionate about people
...Entrepreneurial at heart
...Bold thinkers
...Agile doers
...Driven by results



The global talent market has never been as competitive as today. People are the engine of our company and it is therefore extremely important that we succeed in attracting, retaining and engaging our Happy Rebels and enable them to unleash their full potential, so we can live up to our purpose and achieve our vision with one common objective: to change lives.


To achieve these ambitious goals, we introduced the notion of ‘Happy Rebels’: making every individual working for and in House of HR a happy one, with a sense of rebellion as the ultimate way to find, retain and engage people. This mission is a quintessential part of the social pillar of House of HR’s ESG strategy.


Today we are active with more than 5.000 Happy Rebels throughout the entire Group. We communicate to them through internal newsletters and external social media. Each company entering the Group is introduced to this term and is asked to help us spread the awareness within their teams that they are now a part of House of HR, a big, European family of Happy Rebels.


Our values are common throughout the Group but the Happy Rebel value is the most tangible one. Easy to identify with and connecting people from all over Europe. In 2022 we organized for the first time a festival welcoming all Happy Rebels in one place during a huge 2 day private event in The Netherlands. By organizing this event, we can show our people the family of which they are a part, let them feel the vibes we can create together and give them the opportunity to connect with each other across companies and borders. 


In order to further develop the concept of Happy Rebels, we initiated a panel consisting of interviewing the HR managers of all our PowerHouses, complemented by scientific insights from Marion Debruyne, Dean of Vlerick Business School. 

Whitepaper on Happy Rebels

We put the views that came out of all these interviews together in an extensive white paper called ‘Happy Rebels, how to attract, keep and engage them?’


House of Happy Rebels Festival 2022

Watch the aftermovie of our first edition of the House of Happy Rebels Festival in September 2022. Close to 4000 Happy Rebels connecting and celebrating together during a 2 day private festival. Awarded with a BEA award as the best global team building event of 2022.