All our specialist PowerHouses work independently and retain their entrepreneurial youthfulness, authenticity and audacity, since it is these essential qualities that keep their sight focused on recognizing and nurturing talent and positively impacting communities.


We are a collective of bold thinkers and agile doers, of passion seekers and change embracers. With a fierce entrepreneurial spirit, we too know no bounds, unlocking growth by connecting businesses with the most resilient and resourceful talent. As a democratic collective, our purpose is not solely engineered for the benefit of shareholder return. Instead, we share a unique House of HR purpose committed to benefitting all.

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Happy Rebels

Our infectious entrepreneurial spirit, youthfulness and audacity propels our +5.000 Happy Rebels. Our confidence to zag, when others zig means we stand out in a world of same.

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Creatively Collaborative

We’re a world leading talent collective of specialist boutique agencies collaborating to nourish talent in all its powerful forms. By identifying, nurturing and connecting this talent across the globe, we continually push the boundaries to reimagine what’s possible for all our customers and communities.

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Humanly resourceful

Our tireless ability and deft agility to actually thrive in change is the foundation of our resilient culture. A culture that nurtures and inspires us to build a better world through the power of talent.


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Courageously ambitious

We’re a coalition of entrepreneurs, bold thinkers and agile doers, of passion seekers and change embracers. Adventurous and ambitious we know no bounds, daring to find paths for others to follow.

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