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Find job vacancies for open job positions at House of HR and its affiliated companies. Discover and visit the My Candidate Portal where you will find several career tools to prepare yourself for to start the search towards a new job. Want to become a true Happy Rebel? You're at the right place!

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Rika Coppens
CEO House of HR
New CEO, Rika Coppens


In this section you find back open job vacancies at different companies part of House of HR: Mainly jobs at House of Support and House of Invest which are the companies at headquarters. But also internal job vacancies at PowerHouses and Boutiques. Join us and become a Happy Rebel!

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The Learning & Development Training Menu

House of HR offers a wide range of trainings and coaching sessions, open for all Happy Rebels. By doing this we want to support them in their personal growth, making sure they can further grow their skills and stay up to date. Discover here the full training menu and get in touch with our L&D community. 

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