As Europe's most exciting PowerHouse, we have the ambition to also be a thought leader when it comes to our fields of expertise. We live in a fast changing world where new phenomenons pop up every day, but seem to be a thing of the past by tomorrow.


Also in the world of HR we pick up and see evolutions in the market on a day-to-day basis. When it comes to people and work, there are many global trends which are currently influencing the way we work and organize our lives: new ways of working, happiness at work, the GIG economy...


As an European HR leader, we follow and pick-up on these trends from closeby. Not only to analyze them and incorporate into our our organizations, but also to help and support our internal and external stakeholders in their understanding and developing of their HR policies.


Every year we conduct our own research on certain hot topics where we believe it is important to get opinions, input and data. The outcome of our research can be found below. On the one side, whitepapers where we elaborate on profound research done on a certain topic. In the blog section, we rather write insights in articles.


We have also created a HR WIKI page where commonly used HR expressions, words and sayings are more explained in detail. A simple list with definitions, useful if you work in HR, or not! Scroll through the list to become a true HR native speaker.     


Find back our blog articles on trending topics in the world of HR, Human Resources, work and people.  

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Find back the research papers we have published, based on research done in our main markets Belgium, The Netherlands, France and Germany.  

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Discover a list with more than 100 HR expressions and sayings explained for everybody to understand and work with them. 

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