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Our Story

The ambition and eagerness to grow a Belgian staffing company beyond its borders and activities, led to the birth of House of HR in 2012.

Founded by Conny Vandendriessche and Philip Cracco in 1995, in Roeselare (Flanders, Belgium), the founding PowerHouse Accent Jobs has secured an unparalleled staffing market in Belgium, thanks to an original business concept of ‘temp to perm’, combining the quality of an executive search firm with the flexibility of temporary contracts.


The name ‘Accent Jobs’ comes from the idea that the name should start with the first letter of the alphabet ‘A’ so that their name would always pop-up first.


Later came the ambition to grow beyond the Belgian borders and in other work specializations. This led to the foundation of House of HR in 2012 as a holding structure above Accent Jobs and other companies to join the HR group. It is the start of a fast and dynamic growth story.

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Establishment of House of HR with Naxicap entering the group as a majority shareholder with 30%.


Accent Jobs, now part of House of HR, already counts 227 offices in Belgium and the Netherlands, with some 700 employees.

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Logo House of HR 2012 timeline

2014 - 2015


Philip Cracco leaves the company. Conny Vandendriessche today holds a minority stake in House of HR, and continues her role as a member of the Board of Directors. 



Acquisition of Covebo in The Netherlands 

Acquisition of Abylsen in France

Acquisition of Continu in The Netherlands 

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Picture acquisition Covebo 2015
Picture acquisition Continu 2015


Acquisition of Gritt in Belgium

Acquisition of Zaquensis in Germany

Acquisition of TIMEPARTNER in Germany

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Logo acquisition TP timeline 2016_2
Picture acquisition Tec 2016


Acquisition of Vialegis in Belgium 


Acquisition of Redmore in The Netherlands 


Establishment of NowJobs in Belgium under the wings of Accent Jobs 

Logo Nowjobs timeline 2017
Picture acquisition redmore timeline 2017
Picture acquisition Vialegis timeline 2017

2018 - 2020

Several Boutiques join the Group.


Among them: Belgatech, MT&V, Schollmeyer & Steidl, Vnom, ITDS, PI, Pharmacos, Mykelson, Eurojob, ETA, Techmatch and more. 

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Establishment of House of HR Germany in response to the merger between TIMEPARTNER & Zaquensis 


Acquisition of 3 new Boutiques Greenworking, Solyne and avanti for PowerHouses Abylsen, Continu Professionals and TIMEPARTNER. 


Acquisition by House of HR of a new PowerHouse Cohedron in The Netherlands, specialized in public services.

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Logo greenworking acquisition timeline 2021
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2 new PowerHouses join the group. SOLCOM, a german IT service provider and TMI, one of the largest Dutch HR healthcare providers.


A spectacular number of 14 other Boutiques join various PowerHouses.


Bain Capital Private Equity becomes the new majority shareholder of House of HR. Naxicap, Conny Vandendriessche and the management keep a minority stake.

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Bain Capital Rika Coppens Conny Vandendriessche


We become one of the largest HR service providers in Germany with the acquisition of pluss



House of HR opens 'the Crib' in Kortrijk, the new main support office of the group

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Image the crib office building house of hr Kortrijk