Within the segment of Engineering&Consulting we match skilled talent to project opportunities. 


Our business units in this segment typically provide medium- to highly skilled job candidates, including engineers, technicians and other white-collar consultants to clients from a diversified range of markets. The greatest concentration of clients is typically from the finance and industry markets, with a sizeable number also coming from the construction, aerospace and defense markets.


The project placements by the business units in this segment are typically medium- to long-term. Unlike our other segment Specialized Talent Solutions, which typically generate more than half of their sales from small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) or intermediate-sized clients, the business units in our Engineering&Consulting segment are more varied in their size of clients. The percentage of sales from SMEs or intermediate companies often represents less than 50% of sales, the majority of the clients are larger corporates.


Consultants and engineers are indefinite employees on our payroll whether or not they are on assignment with a client. As a result, our Engineering & Consulting segment in particular, carefully monitors the end date of all job assignments and aims to line up the next assignment before their current ones come to an end. This monitoring seeks to minimize bench time (the time during which consultants are paid but cannot be billed to a client).


SOLCOM is the sole company in this segment which is entirely focussed on matching IT freelancers to customer assignments in Germany. These freelancers have an independent status and are not treated as employees to SOLCOM. 


A French Engineering PowerHouse consisting of the Abylsen group and ABMI, both engineering specialists with extensive experience in several industries and an international spread. Active in France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Italy, UK and Spain.



Dutch Cohedron is the market leading group of full service providers for the public sector in the Netherlands. The offer consists of outsourcing processes, secondment of qualified specialists and consultancy. The Cohedron group of brands employs more than 2.000 people, operating through nine different Boutiques, all over the country.

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Continu Professionals

Continu Professionals is a Dutch secondment and recruitment agency specialized in placing white collar engineering profiles in the construction, elecromechanics, infrastructure, logistics and HVAC sector.

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Redmore is a Dutch specialist in sourcing, secondment and consultancy for clients active in financial and business services industry, as well as for public administration and care institutions.

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SOLCOM is a German company who brings together companies with IT and Engineering freelance experts.

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