Participations & Memberships


Next to a dynamic acquisition policy, House of HR is holding active majority stakes in several organizations which are of great interest to the group. Currently the group has participations in Ariad and Dora, the happy recruiter.


Dora, The Happy Recruiter

Happy Recruiter, powered by Dora the recruitment robot.  Automated social media recruitment, using an AI based chatbot called Dora. No more cold calling to candidates. Dora will reach out to potential candidates on Facebook and provide you with a short list of interested and suitable candidates. Recruitment made easy.

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As House of HR is growing, both thanks to organic growth and an active acquisition policy, its stake in the international HR-community is becoming more and more important. That is why House of HR wants to contribute to several national and international organizations. Through its affiliations, House of HR is taking the lead in national and international thought leadership when it comes to all aspects of the HR community.


House of HR, as a group, is active in Federgon and WEC and is a member of SIA.


Several of our PowerHouses and Boutiques are active members of important local labor market federations in their regions of operation.

The World Employment Confederation

On an international scale, House of HR is member of the World Employment Confederation (WEC). It became a corporate member in 2020. Thanks to its solid growth, House of HR is now in the position to actively participate in international debates dealing with topics such as innovation and international policymaking.



The Belgian Federation of private labour market mediators and HR service Providers.

On the Belgian level, House of HR is a member of Federgon, the Belgian federation of HR service providers. House of HR’s CEO Rika Coppens is a board member of Federgon.



House of HR is a member of Staffing Industry Analysts, a global advisor on staffing and workforce solutions.

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