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About us

House of HR is a leading HR services group active all over Europe with a very dense presence in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and France.


Over 50 companies in the group are active in 2 segments:  ‘Engineering & Consulting’ and ‘Specialized Talent Solutions’

Who we are

Founded from Accent Jobs, House of HR was established in 2012 to allow international growth ambitions in HR staffing. Today the Group has close to 800 offices spread in more than 12 European countries.


While the initial focus was on temporary staffing which evolved towards Specialized Talent Solutions, later acquisitions created a 2nd segment in Engineering & Consulting. 


Organized in a locally empowered business model, the Group counts 10 main companies, the so called PowerHouses. Each PowerHouse has its own industry expertise and is active in one of the 2 segments. Currently there are 6 PowerHouses for the Engineering & Consulting segment, and 4 for the Specialized Talent Solutions segment.  


Most PowerHouses own multiple daughter companies, called Boutiques at House of HR. These sub brands to the PowerHouses add a specific expertise to the knowledge at PowerHouse level. More than 50 Boutiques are present today, and growing. 

Discover our Story

The very beginning of our company story dates back to 1995 with the opening of the first Accent Jobs office in Roeselare, Belgium. 

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Our Purpose and goals

Our Purpose keeps us focused on why we exist. To keep a focus, we have defined 6 goals which we want to achieve within the next coming years. These goals are to be reflected in all our projects.  


It inspires and motivates us every day, and helps our audience to understand us better.

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Our Values

Our values lay the foundation for what we most care about. They provide a common purpose that all Happy Rebels understand, work towards and live by.


They are aligned with our culture and provide confidence to our people. 

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Our Happy Rebels

We are Happy Rebels and we love it. It's in our nature and a very important part of the DNA of our people. Having a big family of Happy Rebels creates the perfect environment and vibe for our people and teams to perform in. It helps us to set courageous goals and to realize them together, with the necessary ambitions and gutsiness. 

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