4,300 House of HR staff given their own music festival

July 07, 2022

If you are still looking for a challenging and fun job at a rapidly growing HR company, there are currently 250 vacancies at the European HR service provider. House of HR is proud to announce its own music festival, the ‘House of Happy Rebels Festival’.

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Roeselare 07/07/2022 – House of HR is proud to announce its own music festival, the ‘House of Happy Rebels Festival’. By organising the in-‘House’ festival on 10 September, House of HR wants to bring together and thank its community of 4,300 employees working in more than 10 countries. In addition, the Festival is an ideal way to attract new employees. These creative forms of Employer Branding are therefore becoming increasingly important. For example, the festival summer of 2022 also appears relevant in the HR world.


Mental health & happiness at work take precedence over productivity


Today, employees attach more importance to happiness at work and mental health than to productivity, according to a recent study by the Antwerp Management School and the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam commissioned by House of HR (*). Of the respondents, 55.6% consider mental health to be very important and 45.8% consider happiness at work to be very important, while 55.4% of respondents indicated that their career was in balance over the past year. The study also shows that fewer new young employees report being happy at work than older people. Of the starters (up to two years of work experience), just under 40% are highly or very highly satisfied with their career. For those who have been employed for more than 36 years, that figure rises to 60%.


It is crucial for employers to focus actively on happiness at work and mental health. This is necessary not only to attract new employees, but also to offer existing employees a permanent, positive working environment. Since the birth of House of HR, decentralisation and entrepreneurial spirit have been central to the company’s culture. It allows the Happy Rebels — as the employees in House of HR call themselves — to experience happiness, well-being at work and lifelong learning in their job.


Rika Coppens, CEO House of HR: “We give our Happy Rebels the opportunity to personalise their careers. We pass on our own experience and accumulated knowledge to our customers. We support and advise them to offer a workplace that matches what candidates currently value in a job. This is crucial when attracting talent.”


Own Music Festival


By organizing its own Happy Rebels music festival, House of HR wishes to thank its employees in an exceptional way and emphasize the importance of happiness at work within the group. On 10 September, the 4,300 employees from all over Europe will be welcomed to a festival site near Eindhoven. In recent years, House of HR has seen tremendous evolution due to internal growth and numerous acquisitions. A festival of your own is a perfect opportunity to physically bring together all employees of the 50+ companies in the group so they can get to know each other better.


Employees were given a say in the implementation of the festival, including helping to determine part of the line-up and helping to develop numerous other activities. This makes the festival a truly bespoke experience, in which House of HR has spared no effort or expense:


“House of HR has been able to grow so much in recent years thanks to the incredible dynamics within our teams. We exceeded two billion euro in turnover at the end of 2021 and have now reached a scale that allows us to organize such a major festival all by ourselves. Organizing the festival itself gives us the opportunity to make everything personal, sustainable and 100% HoHR. September 10th will be a new milestone in the history of House of HR: A day when our community will become even more tightly knit and where the foundations will be laid for new heights,” explains Victoria Hemelaer, CMO House of HR.


There are currently 250 vacancies within the 10 Power Houses and more than 40 Boutique brands of House of HR. Anyone applying this summer and who may start working at House of HR can already be assured of a unique festival day with new colleagues.


(*) In 2021 (Q4), the Antwerp Management School and the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam conducted a large-scale survey of employees in Belgium and the Netherlands on behalf of House of HR. An online panel surveyed a representative sample of 1,610 employees on sustainable careers, career mobility, success, goals, proactive career behaviour and career shocks.


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