Our Purpose, Vision & Mission

At House of HR, our ambition is to become a world leading talent collective that exemplifies the future of work where clients, communities and businesses thrive in a world of continuous change and disruption.


We seek ways to build a better world through the power of talent, by pushing boundaries to reimagine what’s possible. It’s this pioneering and restless entrepreneurial spirit, and our obsession with human potential, which has enabled us to build one of Europe’s most successful and exciting talent PowerHouses – House of HR.


Talent is not limited to qualifications nor experience, rather it is a quality one is inherently born-with and which we all develop organically and constantly. Connecting this boundless talent to limitless opportunities is what we do. It runs through our DNA. The spirit that drives us comes from our coalition of entrepreneurs; bringing together a collective of truly exceptional high-performance houses, each of them a specialist in connecting talent to employers to create a world of boundless talent.

Our Purpose

We connect and amplify boundless talent to win in a world of change.


Our Vision

To be Europe’s most exciting Talent PowerHouse connecting people to possibilities, shaping the world of tomorrow.


Our Mission

Building a home for trailblazers, obsessed with discovering human potential.


Who are these trailblazers? It is our community of Happy Rebels, candidates, customers and future entrepreneurial partners, who all courageously find paths for others to follow.