Accent Jobs is a Belgian specialist in temporary employment, matching candidates and temporary jobs, often with the option of permanent employment. Accent Jobs consists of a network of more than 350 offices in Belgium. They help more than 22.000 blue and white collar people find a job.

Accent Jobs is the founding company of the Group, established In 1995. Today it Is the largest PowerHouse within House of HR, active in the segment Specialized Talent Solutions. Several Boutiques are part of Accent: CRTL-F, Gighouse, Nowjobs and Sixie

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Is there a huge difference between people working on a temporary or a permanent job basis? There should not be, as they are all working. This basic insight lies at the very basis of Accent Jobs. This specialist HR service provider focuses on ‘temp to perm’ staffing. Accent Jobs differentiates itself by its professional approach and offering flexible jobs with the opportunity of a permanent contract.

Accent Jobs was founded in 1995 by Conny Vandendriessche and Philip Cracco, with a first office in Roeselare, Belgium. Today Accent Jobs is one of the largest staffing companies in Belgium. In 2021, They are awarded with 'Greatest Place to Work'.

They work for SME's up to multinationals, and provide worker and employee profiles. Knowing that different industries need a different approach, Accent Is organized in specialized teams focusing on 'Industry & Production', 'Retail', 'Construct', 'Logistics', 'Foreign', 'Food & Horeca', 'Technical', etc. Always again, the unique feature remains the same: offering temporary jobs with the possibility of turning it into a permanent contract.

To be as close to the clients as possible, Accent Jobs has a widespread network of +350 offices all over Belgium. More than 1100 'Accenters' are matching customers and vacancies with candidates. They all do so according to the specific Accent dream: to embrace every talent and spark joy in their lives. Every person signifies more than just a CV. We are individuals with a story, talents, dreams, … We all deserve pleasure, inclusion and friendship at work and in our lives.

On top, Accent Jobs has three internal values it wants to foster amongst its people: 'be a friend', 'stay gutsy' and 'go pro'. These values are trained in the Accent Business Academy among many other business and technical topics