Redmore is a Dutch specialist in sourcing, secondment and consultancy for clients active in financial and business services industry, as well as for public administration and care institutions. Redmore is active in the Netherlands, Poland, Switzerland and Spain, and creates and implements smart HR-solutions. Its fundaments lay in the market needs for intelligent result-oriented solutions that contribute to more efficient business operations.

Redmore is a PowerHouse of House of HR since 2017. They have 5 Boutiques: Vialegis, ITDS, Profource, Talent&Pro and Triple A.

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As the world is rapidly evolving, organizations must keep up the same pace. Meanwhile, they have to keep focused on their daily business issues, where short term results are needed. This is where Redmore comes in with smart solutions and technology. Redmore Group offers and implements progressive and innovative solutions for financial and business organizations, public administration and care institutions.

Under its tagline ‘value by smart people’, Redmore operates with 5 Boutiques, different labels each offering crystal clear value propositions and specialties: Vialegis, Triple A, Talent&Pro, ITDS and Profource. They all possess an expert and niche knowledge, and passionate professionals who specialize in smart solutions and software within a certain field of expertise.

Amongst the services offered are risk & compliance, conversion & implementation, process optimization, program and project office. In everything they do, Redmore is result-driven, their consultants are inherently creative and flexible. The cross-over between people, services and technologies across sectors is a key to success in this rapidly evolving world.