TIMEPARTNER is a German recruitment company specialized in the staffing of high-demand blue collar profiles. It offers tailor-made and integrated flexible HR-solutions in the field of temporary staffing, personnel placement, provision of temporary workers and on-site management, and does so in the whole of Germany. In 2021 the other German PowerHouse Zaquensis merged with TIMEPARTNER into one new PowerHouse for House of HR. Three Boutiques Aero High Professionals, avanti and Ibb reside under TIMEPARTNER In Germany.

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The new PowerHouse TIMEPARTNER, including their Boutiques establish the 5th largest staffing firm in Germany. With main offices in Hamburg and Aachen, today the group employs over 700 Internal people all dealing with high-in-demand workers profiles. They all consider it their duty to find the ideal job for all the candidates that call upon their services, and to best fit their profile, expertise, experience and expectations. TIMEPARTNER is placing jobs in sectors such as healthcare, production, manual labor, logistics, sales and office.

Companies working with TimePartner get a personalized and integrated portfolio of services. It strives to offer tailor-made solutions, from classical temporary contracts to direct recruitment and specialized services such as inhouse-services. TIMEPARTNER’s clients get crystal clear calculations on labor cost, full flexibility and the certainty that TIMEPARTNER is taking care of all the time consuming parts of the recruitment process.

As one of the top-tier staffing companies in Germany, TIMEPARTNER works according to the highest ethical standards, as formulated in its in-house ‘code of conduct’. They have more than 13.500 people at work at various customers, through more than 180 branches spread all over Germany and three in Czech Republic. They all live up to the company values: quality, safety, sustainability and fairness.