NOWJOBS automates the job application process with ChatGPT

November 28, 2023

Thanks to the NOWJOBS app, the recruiting process goes a lot smoother. For every vacancy a company makes public through this app, an average of fifteen candidates respond.


The waiters serving your cold beers at your favorite music festival.

The drivers delivering fresh meal boxes to your doorstep.

The cashiers scanning your groceries at your local supermarket.

These are just three randomly chosen examples of the vast array of jobs that companies and event organizers should, in principle, be able to easily fill, as they require little specialized knowledge and skills from the employees. Still, these same employers have to put more and more effort into finding the right people – mostly students and flex workers who temporarily take on these jobs. But how do you find – if possible, ASAP – the right supplemental earner for your admittedly low-threshold vacancy?

Automatic screening with AI

Thanks to the NOWJOBS app, the recruiting process goes a lot smoother. For every vacancy a company makes public through this app, an average of fifteen candidates respond. Good news, but it still takes companies quite some time to screen them all – you don't want just any candidate but the most suitable one.

With the Direct Contract option in the NOWJOBS app, companies are increasingly guaranteed that outcome. The app always screens candidates fully automatically – meaning: it checks whether they have relevant experience, don’t live too far from the workplace, have previously received positive reviews from employers and have no last-minute contract cancellations to their name. Those who meet these factual conditions automatically get a contract in their mailbox.

A match based on nothing but the facts, and fast and objective too: what's not to like? Well, the results speak for themselves: thanks to Direct Contract, three times as many vacancies are filled, and it happens seven times faster. Companies are also extremely satisfied with the people NOWJOBS sends their way: flex workers and students who have worked for a company via Direct Contract are given an average score of 4.85/5 in the app.

ChatGPT for even faster and smarter screening

But finding the right candidate is not always a binary issue – you know, meeting the requirements or not. What do you do with candidates who seem perfect for the job but don't meet any requirements? Suppose you have relevant experience and can present many good reviews, but you live far away from the requested workplace. In such a case, the NOWJOBS team intervened until recently: an employee looked at the file and manually selected the right student or flex worker. Of course, valuable time was lost in the process, and employers naturally want quick certainty: “I need to be able to count on the right person arriving in my business or at my event, sooner rather than later, so that everything keeps running!” To continue meeting that demand, NOWJOBS integrated ChatGPT into its app in September 2023.

When employers create a job posting today, they will be asked to describe their ideal supplemental earner. ChatGPT derives three questions from that description that the students or flex workers must answer if they want to apply for the position. It then screens their answers and suggests the ideal candidate. Based on that AI-generated recommendation and the NOWJOBS team's validation – indeed, there are still humans involved – the app immediately sends a contract to the most suitable supplemental earner.

Benefits for employers and applicants

This new automated procedure has major advantages for employers: they no longer have to screen their additional earners or send out contract proposals. All they must do is write out their vacancy, then they can sit tight until the most suitable additional earner comes knocking on their door.

Direct Contract powered by ChatGPT also represents progress for applicants. For starters, the procedure eliminates their biggest frustration: not getting feedback. Now, they get an immediate response and, if selected, a contract. If they're not a complete match, they get feedback when another supplemental earner accepts the contract for that position. Applying for a job that suits you but being left with that vague feeling of ‘why wasn't I selected?’: with NOWJOBS, it's a thing of the past.

Moreover, supplemental earners can rest on their laurels that the process is fair: ChatGPT matches a profile (based on the NOWJOBS ID) with a job posting but never knows which company or side-earner belongs to that profile. On top of that, ChatGPT's validations are linked to NOWJOBS' own legal and compliance criteria. This creates several anti-discrimination validations that block unreasonable demands from employers, such as specific roots or a certain gender or age. Those types of job postings are not approved and thus not published. Similarly, a demand for 16-year-olds for a hospitality job after 8 p.m. will not be approved since minors are not allowed to work after 8 p.m.  

In short, whether you are an employer looking for waiters, drivers, salespeople, warehousemen and so on to keep your business or event running or looking for a suitable vacation or flex job, your life just got a lot easier thanks to AI.