FYGI: a smart platform for independent recruiters

October 13, 2023

Independent recruiter or on the payroll? Emerging from the womb of House of Covebo, Erik van de Water and Dennis created the best of both worlds with FYGI. 


Are you a passionate recruiter but also, say, a dedicated young parent? Then you might dream about having the freedom of being self-employed, while also being able to count on the network and know-how of a larger organization. Erik van de Water and Dennis Denekamp built a platform that makes those dreams come true.

Emerging from the womb of House of Covebo some six years ago, Erik van de Water and Dennis Denekamp founded FYGI, a platform for self-employed recruiters. Today, Erik is still fully in charge of FYGI, while Dennis joined the House of Covebo management team and focuses on IT, digital, international recruitment, and marketing. But he still represents FYGI as well. 

Work in freedom
Dennis Denekamp:
"FYGI sprung from Erik's brain. He noticed that quite a few Covebo colleagues around their thirties – often young parents – were no longer comfortable doing their full-time jobs. I mean, they were still passionate about recruitment, but they couldn’t take it anymore. So instead of losing them completely, we developed a less input-driven way of working that better suited their stage of life.”
Erik van de Water: “Work in freedom, reads the FYGI tagline."
Dennis: "I was brought in at the time to take a closer look at Erik's idea of building that platform. But because I was so enthusiastic about it, we started building it together. So that became FYGI." 

"We created a platform that allows freelance recruiters to work for any client whenever and wherever they want. Today, some 70 recruiters are on the network platform. We support them with online marketing, technology, training, coaching, and sometimes assignments."
Dennis: "FYGI is based on trust as well as a win-win-win philosophy. Win one: the independent recruiter should be able to earn more than on his own. Win two: the client pays less than usual for a freelancer. And win three: the recruiters deliver better work than their non-grouped competitors."
Erik: "Because independent recruiters also like the feeling of having colleagues to spar with, we organize very well-attended quarterly networking meetings. That way they stay connected better."

Happy Recruiters
"In consultation with both Covebo and House of HR, we did employ some people in the initial phase, but as soon as FYGI had enough turnover those too became self-employed, which was ultimately the whole idea."
Dennis: "While we initially thought the concept would mainly catch on with smaller companies, some big fish soon joined us."
Dennis: "The backing of House of HR helps, of course. We, therefore, call ourselves Happy Recruiters." 

Erik van de Water and Dennis Denekamp

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