House of HR Launches the Firestarter Trainee Program

January 30, 2024

In an exciting leap towards unleashing talent and securing a dynamic future, House of HR proudly introduces its first Management Trainee Program, suitably named "Firestarter."


In an exciting leap towards unleashing talent and securing a dynamic future, House of HR proudly introduces its first Management Trainee Program, suitably named "Firestarter." This groundbreaking initiative stems from a dual-purpose vision: to elevate the careers of exceptional talents within the organization and to strategically plan for the future leadership roles at House of HR.

Nurturing Talent within the Happy Rebels

House of HR boasts a vibrant community of over 6000 Happy Rebels, where talents thrive. Recognizing the potential within this talented pool, the Firestarter program aims to cherish and retain these individuals while preparing them for the future. The goal is to not only acknowledge their accomplishments but also to invest in their growth, ensuring a robust pipeline of leaders for House of HR.

Elevating Management Skills

The Firestarter program offers a unique opportunity for participants to enhance their management skills. Over the ten-month journey, internal and external experts will guide the Firestarters through a comprehensive curriculum covering various aspects of general management, from leadership skills to financial courses. The immersive program is designed to empower participants with the skills necessary for future leadership roles within the organization.

Strategic Succession Planning

Looking ahead, House of HR acknowledges the importance of strategic succession planning. By organizing the Firestarter Management Trainee Program, the organization aims to guarantee a robust succession plan for critical roles at the group level and in the PowerHouses. The first cohort, the class of 2024, will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of House of HR.

Program Structure

The Firestarter program will span from February to November, with closing sessions and a ceremony held in December and January. Throughout the ten months, Firestarters will engage in regular training sessions, led by a lineup of internal and external experts. Additionally, each participant will undertake a project related to a specific management topic, adding a practical dimension to their learning experience.

Mentorship and Sponsorship

To ensure personalized guidance and support, each Firestarter will have the opportunity to choose a personal mentor of internal and external experts to guide them on an individual level. For the projects we have selected project sponsors to guide the project teams including influential figures like CAO of House of HR Jeroen Van de Broek, CEO of House of Covebo Henk Buitink and COO of Redmore Vincent Traas, they will play a crucial role in mentoring and guiding the project team member to ensure a successful project result.

As the journey begins for the 24 selected Firestarters, House of HR extends its best wishes for a successful and enjoyable traineeship. The organization eagerly anticipates witnessing the growth, development, and accomplishments of this dynamic group. The Firestarter Management Trainee Program marks a significant stride towards building a resilient and empowered leadership team for the future.