July 29, 2021

Cohedron to acquire Vanberkel Professionals

Cohedron to acquire Vanberkel Professionals

House of HR’s Dutch PowerHouse Cohedron is to acquire Vanberkel Professionals. This is Cohedron’s first takeover since it was acquired by House of HR earlier this summer. The acquisition of Vanberkel Professionals strengthens Cohedron’s position on the Dutch public sector consultancy market with financial professionals for the central government. Vanberkel Professionals will continue its operations under the same name and with the same management. The recent takeover of Cohedron by House of HR has now officially been approved by the Dutch competition authority ACM and is fully closed.

Dutch Cohedron, one of the Powerhouses within House of HR, is to take over Vanberkel Professionals. Vanberkel Professionals is offering financial specialists in the broader public sector. It has a focus on five sectors: central government, local authorities, housing cooperatives, care and education. The acquisition is House of HR’s first successful takeover with Cohedron on the Dutch market. House of HR took over Cohedron in june 2021. Now, this takeover has been officially approved by the Dutch competition authority ACM, and is fully closed.

Jeroen Ekkel, Cohedron’s CEO, is happy with the takeover of Vanberkel Professionals: ‘we are proud with Vanberkel Professionals entering our group, one of the fastest growing companies in the Netherlands and market leader in public authorities consultancy, with a large network of financial specialists within the central government. By optimizing our service offerings in outsourcing, secondment and consultancy, we can help public authorities to become stronger. The acquisition is a showcase of our buy-and-build strategy and vision. We are happy to get the support and expertise from House of HR in doing so.’ 

Bob van Berkel, Vanberkel Professionals’ CEO: ‘every change is an opportunity, but this one really puts us into pole position, as our common ambitions are strengthening each other. We are both fueled with drive, positive energy and trust. Needless to say, I look forward to an exciting cooperation and future.’

Rika Coppens, CEO of the holding House of HR, is welcoming the new Boutique in the PowerHouse Cohedron: ‘it’s just fantastic to see that a company we just took over, is showing so much dynamics itself. By taking over Vanberkel Professionals, we strengthen our position in the public authorities consultancy business, not only for local but also for governmental authorities. This is a stable and strong market, where we are planning to continue our growth.’ The acquisition of Vanberkel Professionals is House of HR’s fifth takeover in 2021.

The acquisitions of both Cohedron and Vanberkel Professionals underpin House of HR’s solid position and perseverance. This is also reflected in the results House of HR presents for June 2021: sales volume was 20 % higher than in June 2019, the strongest month ever.

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