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House of HR announces acquisition of pluss in Germany

February 14, 2023

The acquisition of pluss, which specializes in temporary recruiting in healthcare and social services, is House of HR’s third in the German healthcare sector.

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Roeselare, 14 February 2023 – House of HR announces today that it has signed a promise to acquire the German company pluss, which specializes in temporary recruitment in healthcare and social services, from Funds managed by BIP Capital Partners, Luxembourg. With this acquisition, House of HR becomes one of the biggest healthcare HR providers in Germany, with the intention of becoming one of the market-leading providers in the next few years in the DACH region. To achieve that goal, the collaboration with avanti and LD Personalvermittlung, two German providers of HR services that also focus on the healthcare sector and were bought by House of HR in 2021 and 2022, will generate synergies and enable the companies to expand together. Rika Coppens, CEO of House of HR: “By joining forces between avanti, LD Personalvermittlung and pluss, we aim to grow further across the entire DACH region.”

Third acquisition for House of HR in German healthcare staffing solutions


The acquisition of pluss, which was founded in 1984, is expected to be completed in Q1 2023.  The acquisition would be House of HR’s third in the German healthcare staffing solutions area, after it acquired avanti in 2021 and LD Personalvermittlung in 2022. pluss specializes in recruitment for healthcare and social services on a temporary basis. It finds the perfect staffing solutions for profiles such as nurses, social pedagogues, educators, physicians and anesthesiologists. The company also still offers recruitment for craft, industry and office employees, continuing to support the areas it focused on when it started in 1984, although today this only accounts for 25% of the business.


With an expected turnover of 157 million in 2022, pluss is a geographically widespread player in Germany, with 48 locations throughout the country. With House of HR’s support, the plan is to upscale to 55 locations this year. pluss, headquartered in Hamburg, employs 470 people and is responsible for the employment of over 3000 people. Christian Baumann and Wolfgang Ungerathen will stay on board as Managing Directors, as well as the full management. House of HR is acquiring 100% of pluss. The acquisition is subject to the approval of the German competition authority.


In collaboration with avanti and LD Personalvermittlung House of HR now becomes one of the biggest healthcare HR service providers in Germany


pluss is in a few cases a direct competitor of avanti and LD Personalvermittlung, other companies acquired by House of HR in the past few years. Under House of HR’s wings, pluss, avanti and LD Personalvermittlung want to increase their respective market presence in the coming years, with a view to becoming one of the most significant providers of HR services in the healthcare and social services area in the country, while still coexisting.



Christian Baumann, Managing Director of pluss: “We are thrilled to become a part of House of HR and to be able to start working together with our colleagues from avanti and LD Personalvermittlung. Germany is a very big market with many small players in our business but if we want to grow, professionalize and further digitalize our business, we feel the need to be part of one bigger structure. In this constellation, where we will have a relevant joint market share, we will be able to offer even better services and to grow faster.”


Rika Coppens, CEO of House of HR: “Healthcare is a strategically very important sector for us. With an aging population in Europe and global health challenges coming our way, the healthcare sector will play an even more indispensable role in our economies in the coming years. With this acquisition we will become one of the largest HR healthcare providers in Germany, together with avanti and LD Personalvermittlung. By joining forces, we aim to grow further in the entire DACH region.”



About House of HR


House of HR is a leading provider of HR solutions in key European staffing markets, offering end-to-end temporary recruiting and outsourcing services. Headquartered in Roeselare (Belgium), the group supplies specialized and niche staffing primarily to small and medium-sized enterprise clients through its two segments, Engineering & Consulting and Specialized Talent Solutions, each of which is composed of multiple PowerHouses which use various brands to promote their specialized HR solution offering.


The Engineering & Consulting segment supplies staffing of highly skilled professionals, such as engineering consultants and financial and insurance specialists, to fill specialized roles in a variety of end markets. The Specialized Talent Solutions segment supplies specialized staffing of high-demand mid-skilled workers for specialized positions, such as clerical positions, carpenters and machine engineers, as well as blue-collar workers to companies in various sectors, including construction, retail, finance, food and healthcare. The group also offers digital recruiting through its dedicated platforms, using its digital tools, including NOWJOBS, SWOP and the Gighouse app.



In 2021, House of HR realized a pro forma adjusted turnover of €2.2 bn and pro forma adjusted EBITDA of €262.7 m. For 2022 the estimated pro forma adjusted turnover lands around ~€3 bn with an estimated pro forma adjusted EBITDA of ~€350 m. (publication foreseen April 2023). The group provides work to tens of thousands of people every month and has approximately 5100 employees spread over more than 700 branches in Europe. House of HR is a ‘Talent PowerHouse’ with a strong emphasis on entrepreneurship, digitalization and innovation, but always with a distinctive, human touch.  In November 2022, Bain Capital Private Equity became the majority shareholder in the group, with a 55% stake. 

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