HOUSE OF HR expands in France, Germany and The Netherlands

September 05, 2022

4 new acquisitions pave the way to a stronger European base in the Digital Staffing and Specialized Talent Solution, the latter through acquisitions in the Healthcare domain and 2 niche players for House of Covebo. 

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Roeselare, Belgium, 2 September 2022 - House of HR is proud to announce that it has made four new acquisitions: the French company StaffMe, active in the digital staffing market, and the German company LD Personalvermittlung, a provider in health care staffing solutions with a focus on doctors. Furthermore,  House of Covebo - a subsidiary company of House of HR - realized with FID and Bis People two acquisitions in temporary employment niches that will further amplify its strong position in The Netherlands. With these acquisitions House of HR realizes in total 13 acquisitions so far in 2022. It reflects House of HR’s ambition to further specialize and strengthen its position in the European HR market. The 4 acquisitions accounted for ~43 m€ revenue in 2021.


Strengthening House of HR’s position in digital staffing for the French market


The acquisition of the French digital matching platform StaffMe, founded in 2016, will strengthen House of HR’s position in France and in the French digital staffing market. StaffMe is a strong brand that focuses on connecting students & young entrepreneurs with companies to provide temporary services on a freelance basis. StaffMe is a well-known provider for student jobs in France.


The StaffMe digital matching platform is part of the StaffMe group, which will also become part of House of HR. In addition to its digital matching platform, the StaffMe group offers 3 other services: (1) StaffMe Academy provides professional training for young independent workers, (2) GetBiz helps self-employed companies with their creation and management and (3) StaffMe EITI supports young people with difficulties in accessing the job market.


Strategic alliance of StaffMe with House of HR’s NOWJOBS


By welcoming StaffMe in its portfolio, House of HR is creating a strategic alliance with its own subsidiary company NOWJOBS, the 100% digital platform specialized in flexible jobs which was founded in 2017 and launched in France in 2021.


StaffMe only works with freelance and student workers, but noticed that 85% of the students in their database want to work using interim and employment contracts. This creates opportunities for collaboration with NOWJOBS, since NOWJOBS is specialized in offering flexible contracts and has a world-class application that is aligned with social legislation and administrative requirements and that provides for instant payment for work done via the application at the end of each work shift. NOWJOBS will operate under the StaffMe brand in France, given the high level of StaffMe’s brand awareness in France.


Thanks to an alliance with NOWJOBS, House of HR’s and StaffMe’s market position in student jobs will strengthen and grow even further. Rika Coppens, CEO of House of HR commented: “We are pleased to welcome StaffMe in the House of HR family. Thanks to this acquisition, we strengthen our position in digital staffing in France. A collaboration with our very own NOWJOBS can only anchor our position further: the NOWJOBS database in France consists of almost 28.000 flexible workers, and the European database counts almost 430.000 people. Together with StaffMe, we are excited for what the future holds.”


The founders of StaffMe, Amaury d'Everlange (co-founder & CEO) and Jean-Baptiste Achard (co-founder & General Director), intend to continue to work with the group and continue to grow StaffMe together with House of HR and further pave the path the promote young people and students to get work experience as soon as possible In France, in an effort to reduce also unemployment among youngsters in France.


House of HR’s second German acquisition in healthcare staff solutions


House of HR’s acquisition of the German company LD Personalvermittlung GmbH, founded in 2017, is House of HR’s second acquisition in the German healthcare staffing solutions space, focusing on placement of doctors in hospitals. House of HR’s first acquisition in the German healthcare space was in 2021, with the acquisition of the German company avanti, which offers recruiting and secondment in the healthcare field (nurses, intensive care staff and other hospital support personnel). House of HR also acquired early 2022 TMI in the Netherlands.


LD Personalvermittlung GmbH is a specialized staffing agency solely focusing on physicians. Their services cover the placement of physicians to clinics to ensure care coverage and absorb peak workloads at clinics, currently with a strong focus on the southern part of Germany. The company’s headquarters are located in Oberasbach, with offices in Neuss and Bad Homburg, and the company operates in Austria as well. CEO Stephan Meyer will continue to help the company grow under the wings of House of HR and in close collaboration with Matthias Hiepko, CEO of avanti.


CEO of House of HR Rika Coppens stated: “Thanks to the acquisition of LD Personalvermittlung , we are broadening our specialization in the Healthcare domain in Germany but also in Europe. We are therefore very happy to welcome them into our portfolio. Together with LD Personalvermittlung’s management, we are eager to develop the company even further in the coming years”.


House of Covebo acquires FID and Bis People in The Netherlands


House of Covebo, which Is one of the biggest subsidiary companies of House of HR, expands further in The Netherlands. It takes over FID, a leading temporary employment player in waste processing, recycling and landscaping. These niche markets were hardly served within House of Covebo. With this acquisition of FID, House of Covebo can acquire a leading market position in these growing markets.


Furthermore, House of Covebo also announces a second acquisition of Dutch Bis People. Bis People is specialized in flex employment, secondment of skilled workers, mediating self-employed workers (including administrative operations such as invoicing) and recruiting UTA (Executive, Technical and Administrative) personnel for residential building construction, non-residential building construction and infrastructure operations in The Netherlands.


"The acquisition of both FID and Bis People allows House of Covebo to grow market share in our current industry segments and enter new and growing business segments, such as waste processing and recycling.  With our already existing business segments in construction and New Energy and our expertise in Foreign Recruitment, we are convinced that together with the existing management we can further gain expertise in the Dutch market", CEO of House of Covebo, Henk Buitink says.


House of HR welcomes StaffMe, LD Personalvermittlung, FID and Bis People in the group and is looking forward to strengthen its businesses together. The combined revenue of the 4 acquisitions in 2021 was around 43 m€.


Facts & Figures



  • Founded in 2016, headquartered in Paris (FR)
  • 58 internal employees
  • French database of 400.000 students
  • Company revenue last year: FY 2021: 5,2 m€


 LD Personalvermittlung GmbH

  • Founded in 2017, headquartered in Oberasbach (Germany)
  • 36 internal employees
  • 284 professionals employed throughout Germany & Austria
  • Company revenue last year: FY 2021: 12.5 m€



  • Founded in 1994, headquartered in Emmen (NL)
  • 25 internal employees
  • 357 professionals employed throughout The Netherlands
  • Company revenue last year: FY 2021: 19,6 m€


Bis People

  • Founded in 2007, headquartered in Hengelo (NL)
  • 3 internal employees
  • 32 people at work
  • Company revenue last year: FY 2021: 6,1 m€


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