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Accent is a Belgian HR service provider active in the temporary employment of candidates in a large series of business domains, and with a focus on temp to perm. They specialize in both blue and white collar profiles and have a large foreign department.

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PowerHouse Accent is a Belgian specialist in 'temp to perm' employment, matching candidates to temporary jobs, often with the option of permanent employment. Accent consists of a network of 233 offices in Flanders and the Walloon region in Belgium. They help on average more than 24.000 people find a job on a monthly basis, a mix of blue and white collar. Accent has an outspoken credo: To embrace every talent and spark joy in their lives.


Is there a huge difference between people working on a temporary or a permanent job basis? There should not be, as they are all working. This basic insight lies at the very basis of Accent. This specialist HR service provider focuses on ‘temp to perm’ staffing. For more than 27 years already, Accent differentiates itself by its professional approach and offering flexible jobs with the opportunity of a permanent contract.


Accent was founded in 1995 by Conny Vandendriessche and Philip Cracco, with a first office in Roeselare, Belgium. Now, 25 years later, Accent has become one of the largest staffing companies in the country, with headquarters in Roeselare. It searches the best fitted candidates for all kinds of clients: from SME to multinationals. It does so both for workers and employees. Always again, the unique feature remains the same: offering temporary jobs with the possibility of turning it into a permanent contract.


Accent is active in many different sectors and industries, from logistics and industry, transport, construction but also retail, office and horeca. It makes them a multi-specialist. Also a large department with focus on foreign recruitment has been established throughout the years.  


So as to be as close to the clients as possible, Accent has a widespread network of offices all over the country. From the 233 offices, more than 1200 internal colleagues do their very best to find the best possible job match for every candidate on a daily basis. They all do this according to specific Accent values and dreams: to embrace every talent and spark joy in their lives. Embracing means every person is much more than just a CV, they are individuals with a story, dreams, … Every single person has talents, and every person deserves pleasure, inclusion, friendship at work and in their lives.


On top, Accent has three internal values it fosters among its team: be a friend, stay gutsy and go pro. In Accent's Talent Lab training and coaching courses are provided for internal staff and people at work. 


As a PowerHouse of House of HR, Accent houses several Boutiques in Belgium. On the one hand companies specializing in certain niches of temporary staffing. On the other hand companies offering specialized training and education courses in several domains. 


CTRL-F is a Belgian service provider matching IT and engineering profiles with companies, and renown for its candidate-driven approach. Buildor is the service and selection solution for candidates and clients in the construction sector.

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Gighouse is the first Belgian qualitative and easy-to-use platform matching independent workforces (freelancers) to companies in need for temporary expert support.

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Jobroad is an international non-profit organization helping people holding a significant distance towards the labor market to find a job and hence re-integrate into society. They combat the acute shortage of workers, and promote the integration through work.

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NOWJOBS is a mobile app to easily search and find a flexible job in horeca, retail, events, sales and administration. Aiming mainly at students, the app allows users to create a profile, search and find a temporary job and have all the administrative work done online.

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Sixie is a Belgian start-up who aims to help people aged sixty and over, who want to continue to work after their career, with finding another job or position where they can still contribute their skills and experience to a company or society.

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Talent Lab

Talent Lab is a specialist in training and reskilling programs. Through training, they strengthen existing teams at companies. With reskilling programs, Talent Lab launched unique programs that meet bottleneck vacancies in various sectors.

Talent Lab