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This PowerHouse unites several companies within House of HR who are all active in the healthcare industry in the DACH region: avanti, DOCSTR and pluss. All of these companies offer temporary specialized staffing solutions be it from nurses to doctors and other caretakers. 

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Healthcare is an important sector in our economy. The demand for specialized healthcare staff is high and will not decrease in the coming years. An aging population and global health challenges require more and more specialized profiles, but which are also scarce to find. Also foreign recruitment plays an important role in this sector.


We have expressed our ambitions in this sector for some years before entering this market. But in 2021 we announced the first acquisition with avanti. In 2022, TMI (Dutch PowerHouse) and DOCSTR follow. This makes we now have a presence in care in The Netherlands and Germany.


Starting 2023 we announced the acquisition of pluss. Another German company mainly active in the care sector (majority of their turnover comes from activities in the care sector). With this third German acquisition, House of Healthcare was created as the German care PowerHouse. 


With the bundled services of the companies part of House of Healthcare, we are able to present different specialized profiles who take part in the different care institutions: all doctor specializations, nurses, care takers, administrative specialists, social care specialists, ambulance staff, youth care specialists...  


avanti offers specialized talent solutions, recruiting and secondment in the field of healthcare such as nurses, intensive care staff and other hospital and care support personnel in the DACH region. 

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DOCSTR is a specialized staffing agency solely focusing on physicians. Their services cover the
placement of physicians to clinics to ensure care coverage and absorb peak workloads at clinics, currently with a strong focus on the southern part of Germany.



pluss specializes in recruitment for healthcare and social services on a temporary basis. It finds the perfect staffing solutions for profiles such as nurses, social pedagogues, educators, physicians and anesthesiologists. pluss is based in Hamburg, Germany

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