Published on June 30, 2023

IT Manager


For more than 17 years, with 2,600 employees in 47 locations in 7 countries, the Abylsen group has stood out by opening up its business expertise to new horizons, in order to create value for its 650 customers, all over the world.



With its 215M€ turnover in 2022, it is by following its intuition and its passion for exploration that the Engineering Consulting Group builds innovative projects, driving sustainable growth.



Abylsen gives each talent the necessary space to share their experiences, give the best of themselves and flourish. Collective intelligence thus opens the way to excellence for its entire ecosystem.



Industry, IT, Transport, Life Sciences…. The Abylsen experts are thus at ease in the jungle of techno as well as in the field of the labs.



Abylsen, free to explore


To support the development of all Belgian agencies (Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent, Wavre, Eindhoven, etc.), we are looking for our future Information Systems Manager.



IT service management

  • Manage the budget of the local IT department: ensure control of budgets relating to changes in information systems.
  • Plan the activities of the service and ensure that the schedules are respected.
  • Ensure the management of local subcontracting: choice of service providers, contract management, technical monitoring, coordination.



Installation, maintenance and securing of the operating and information system

  • Supervise the purchase of computer equipment and software relating to the national scope.
  • Supervise the infrastructure of information networks and guarantee their operation and security.
  • Plan maintenance plans.
  • Define quality and security procedures for information systems.



Management of business projects

  • Identify user needs, follow up and propose arbitrations.
  • Ensure the deployment of group tools in local subsidiaries, taking into account national specificities
  • Be the link between the Group IT department and local users
  • Define all the means of internal communication necessary for the implementation of new IT projects.



Support and assistance to users and transversal functions

  • Provide technical support and assistance to users.
  • Create operating monitoring dashboards



Some key indicators:



  • Support & Operation: (50% workload)
    • Abylsen: ~20 tickets / month; 3 sites; 25 users
    • Belgatech: Supervision of the external service provider, 1 site, 1 server, 10 users.
    • Pharma Insight: Workstation administration (Annual Mac OS update, account creation, package deployment); 1 website; 40 users.



  • Projects (50% workload)
  • Travel between sites to be expected.


  • 5 to 10 years of experience in an IT department
  • You have one or more successful experiences in setting up IT solutions and improving the infrastructure: migration of servers to datacenters or virtualization, setting up a structured network, administration of medium-sized businesses , implementation of IT administration tools (AD Azure, Office365 management, MDM tool, etc.)
  • You are motivated, organized and have an attraction for project management
  • You have analytical skills (ability to understand user needs)
  • English speaking / Either French speaking (optional) or Dutch-speaking environment (optional)

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