Published on January 17, 2024

Junior Data ai engineer

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We are looking for a Happy Rebel to join our team!



House of HR is a fast-growing multinational group composed of 11 PowerHouses. PowerHouses? Yes! Each of our operational companies work independently and retain their entrepreneurial youthfulness, authenticity and audacity. We have an absolute focus on HR and innovation. You can take this innovation quite literally as every year we have an innovation contest within the group where you can develop your wildest plans (and even win a trip).



With our CEO being the Happy Rebel frontrunner as Trend Manager of the year, and a 2-yearly Happy Rebel festival with our PowerHouses, we are spreading the Happy Rebel virus. Will you join us?


Start your career as a Junior Data & AI Engineer at House of HR NV and contribute to the development of our data platform stack and AI application suite. Learn, grow, and contribute to innovative solutions.



Investing in AI and data is essential for further growth and process optimization within the business landscape. That's why House of HR is fully committed to Data and AI to support the business further.



This is made possible by the deployment of various cloud-based data platforms that ingest, process, and make data from our different boutiques available. Additionally, through the conceptualization, trial setup, and operationalization of various AI-based applications.



You will rely on your knowledge and any experience from a technical education background, with the following concepts being important:



Software development

CI/CD and DevOps

Cloud engineering


Data modeling



As a Junior Data & AI Engineer, you will support our team in these diverse projects. You will be responsible for the necessary technical support in the development, initiation, further development, and maintenance of various data platforms and AI applications. This will be done in collaboration with the Senior Data & AI Engineer. After an initial period, you will gradually take the lead in your own projects, allowing you to further develop your knowledge and skills over time.


We are looking for the following competencies:

  • A curious approach and a lifelong learning mindset are crucial.



 Knowledge of or first experience with the following technologies is a should-have:

  • Microsoft Azure
  • Python
  • SQL
  • OpenAI GPT models / LLMs



Knowledge of the following technologies is a plus:

  •  Docker and containerization
  • (Azure) Databricks
  • Azure Data Factory
  • FastAPI



You are not alone in this: you will be part of a team where you can learn best practices, have space and freedom to grow, and receive coaching on both technical and non-technical aspects. We offer an attractive salary package, complemented by various fringe benefits.

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