Published on February 15, 2024

Interactive workshop breast cancer (self-examination)

  • Personal development & mindset
  • Dutch
  • Belgium
  • The Netherlands
  • Kimja van der Meer-Schouten
What is the training about?

Breast cancer is a condition that affects the lives of many people.

The importance of early detection and awareness cannot be emphasized enough.

The ‘Interactive workshop breast cancer’ aims to spread and increase awareness and to make concrete steps towards early detection.


  • Breast cancer in general: an overview of the disease and why it is of utmost importance to know more about it.
  • Early diagnosis and breast self-examination: Practical tips and guidelines to detect breast cancer in an early stage.
  • How to discover early breast cancer yourself? Concrete steps that actively contribute to early detection.
  • Which symptoms require extra attention? Recognizing symptoms that possibly indicate breast cancer and how to respond upon this.  
  • Insight in breast cancer prevention: learn about the newest developments in breast cancer prevention.  


This is a 2 Hours Physical Workshop on site!